You will need:

  • paper, pencil and ruler
  • 35cm printed fabric in three different designs
  • 160cm white twill fabric
  • matching upholstery thread
  • high-density foam cylinder, 50cm diameter x 50cm high
  • 160cm batting (approximately 2cm thick)
  • 160cm pompom braid

To make:

NOTE: All seam allowances are 1.5cm.

1 Draft a paper pattern for the bottom panel by drawing a circle with a diameter of 53cm. Use the pattern to cut one panel from the white fabric and one from the batting.

Next, convert the pattern for the top panel sections by dividing it into six equal sections. Add 1.5cm seam allowances to the two straight seams of one of the sections then cut out this section for your pattern.

Use it to cut six panels from the printed fabrics, two from each of the three different fabric designs.

2 Pin and sew the six sections together to complete the top panel.

3 Cut a 53 x 160cm panel from the white fabric. Pin and sew the 53cm-long edges, right sides together, to form a tube. Pin and sew the top panel into one end of the tube. Turn the cover right side out.

4 Cut a 50 x 157cm piece of batting and use it to pad around the foam cylinder. Pad the top of the cylinder with the circular piece of batting.

5 Pull the cover over the padded foam. Fold under and press the seam allowance of the bottom panel and pin the panel to the bottom edge of the cover. Sew the bottom panel in place by hand with slip stitches.

6 Sew the pompom braid to the top edge of the ottoman by hand.

Text and image: Ideas magazine

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