Skip Auto Liquid 1.5l



I never think about what washing powder I use.

In the store, I pick whatever familiar brand is on special – it’s usually Omo – and dump it into the washing machine. At a recent event for detergent brand Skip, I found out that washing powder is passé, and that washing liquid is what all savvy washers use.

Skip’s new brand of auto liquid is aimed at taking care of your clothes to make them last longer, and comes in four variants – the Auto Liquid that comes in a blue bottle for all types of clothing; Skip White for white and light items; Skip Dark for black and dark clothes; and Skip Delicate, for those lace and silk items that need special care.

I used the normal auto liquid in the blue bottle, since I don’t usually sort my clothes or own any terribly delicate items. The washing liquid doesn’t require any special method to use, and you just pour it into your usual detergent tray like usual.

The liquid is not only more environmentally friendly, but is apparently formulated to extend the life of your clothes. I put a brand-new T-shirt into a cold wash and it came out ever so slightly faded – it looked about the same as all T-shirts do after the first wash and when the brand-new colour has come out a bit.

So I’m not sure whether Skip Liquid has any special colour-preserving properties, but it sure smelt great. I wouldn’t mind buying it again.

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