Always wanted to have a swamp or wetland in your own backyard? Now, all you need is a shovel, water and these eight steps to get the mini wetland of your dreams:

Step 1:

Dig an oval hole about 2 x 2m approximately 30cm deep, then dig a hole 50cm deeper in the centre. Leave a step-like shelf of about 30cm all around on which to place plants.

Step 2:

Place a thick plastic lining (the type used for fishponds and for waterproofing roofs) in the hole and trim it to shape, with the edge extending about 30cm over the edge of the pond.

Step 3:

Cover the extended edges of the plastic with river sand and then camouflage this with a combination of large and smaller river stones.

Step 4:

Upturn a plastic pot in the hole in the centre.

Step 5:

Place the water lily on top of the upturned pot.

Step 6:

Plant black elephants ear, acorus grasses , arum lilies, cyperus involucratus, blood grass and papyrus around the pond.

Step 7:

Place arum lilies –white and ‘Green Goddess’ – on the step of the pond, along with pink Lobelia cardinalis and Echinodorous.

Step 8:

Fill the pond with water.

Added note: Fill your wetland with lily ponds, flower petals, water plants, garden ornaments and even fish (however do extensive research on what type of fish you can put in your little swamp).

Image: Supplied

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