Tin it up:

Your collection of old tins can be incorporated beautifully into your flower arrangements. Simply cut roses, sprigs or leaves in a florist’s oasis and place them into your tin. Remember to protect your tins with a plastic lining.

Why not keep it light and bright?

Why buy white vases when you can make them? Simply mix a few drops of thinners with white paint, and pour into ordinary clear glass bottles until the entire inside of the bottle is coated. Once dry, pop in a few fresh blooms and arrange to your satisfaction.

There are various focal points:

Strong elements such as weathered wood, dark glass bottles and a gilded portrait – all easily found at flea markets or in your granny’s attic – meet their match in a colourful display of poppies bursting to life alongside striking aloe shoots.

It's the spice of life:

Put a whole new spin on daily doings by softening spaces you wouldn’t ordinarily glance at twice with a few handpicked garden flowers in unused crystal and glass jars.

Before you do anything else, here are 8 top tips for planting a container garden:

•    Pot out fresh new plants every season and replace the soil every time.

•    First plan your garden, then buy the plants. Make sure you buy enough of each colour and variety for a really lavish display.

•    Use flowers that spill profusely over the sides of the containers such as petunias, fuchsias, verbenas, begonias, violas and suteras.

•    Fill the containers with good potting soil and compost. Use half potting soil and half compost, and add a handful of a product that aids to good water retention. After watering the pot well, let it stand for a while as the soil always settles after the first watering. Once that's done, fill the container almost to the top with potting soil.

•    Plant the seeds close together.

•    Water the containers everyday, when you are away get someone to do it for you as container plants dry out quickly.

•    Deadhead regularly - it will ensure a far longer flowering period.

•    Also feed container plants regularly, by alternating every three weeks. Ensure you're applying the right quantity of of fertiliser for the container as overfeeding can be disastrous for your plants.

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