We all know flies are super irritating. They buzz around, land in your food, in your drink, etc. They're just pestilent pests.

Plus, they can carry diseases.

And we've all had those days where you're chasing one around the kitchen trying to get it away from your food.

The folks over at Stodels suggest these five plants to encourage flies to buzz off:


Although not always readily available this herb produces a subtle scent that flies (as well as moths, roaches, earwigs and mice) hate. You can grow fresh Bay plants in infested areas, but dried bay leaves work just as well.

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You might think of lavender as a lovely scent, but its sweet smell repels flies and moths. Grow it in your garden to repel outdoor flies or hang some dried lavender inside near the infested area.


A useful and inexpensive herb that also can repel flies whether fresh or dried. Apart from flies, mint is also helpful against mosquitoes, ants and mice. Keep crushed mint leaves in a shallow bowl to keep flies away. Alternatively, fill a few muslin teabags with dried crushed mint leaves and keep them in the infested areas.

Lemon grass 

We’ve all seen citronella candles in shops to keep mosquitoes away, well citronella is a natural oil found in lemongrass.  This grass has wonderful culinary benefits, but is equally useful as a fly repellent.

Lemon Thyme

This hardy herb is very adaptable and will thrive in your herb garden, a rock garden, a front border or a pot as long as these are in sunny locations. The plant itself will not repel flies, to release its chemicals you must first bruise the leaves. Simply cut off a few stems and rub them between your hands.