Makes 6 pancakes

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

• 500 g mince

• 1 onion, chopped

• 5 ml each chopped garlic and ginger

• 15 ml oil

• 30 ml masala

• 1 chilli, seeded and chopped (or to taste)

• 1 ciabatta roll, crumbed

• 30 ml hot chutney

• 15 ml vinegar

• 4 boiled eggs, coriander, banana and coconut to serve


• 3 eggs

• 125 ml milk

• 125 ml flour

• pinch of salt and dried herbs

• 60 ml butter, melted

1 Fry the mince, onion, garlic and ginger together in oil until golden brown and aromatic, breaking up the mince continuously with a spatula. Add the masala, chilli and ciabatta and fry until well combined. Add the chutney, vinegar and about 125 ml water and stir until combined. Season with salt and pepper and simmer with a lid on for about 20 minutes.

2 Make the batter by whisking three eggs until frothy; then whisk in the milk. Sift the dry ingredients together and whisk in. Stir in the melted butter until blended and make six 25 cm pancakes with the batter.

3 Divide the mince between the pancakes and garnish with the sliced boiled eggs, fresh coriander, sliced banana and coconut.