Project notes
  • Old wooden furniture is soaked in oil – make sure you clean it thoroughly. Find out whether it was varnished or treated with raw linseed oil. These products take about six months to cure before you can paint over them.
  • Rather wear gloves when working with lacquer thinners.
  • Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next one.
  • Mix metallic paint well before and during use

You will need

• lacquer thinners

• mutton cloth

• 50mm and 38mm paintbrush

• masking tape (optional)

• bucket of water

• Tjhoko Paint in the colours Sherif’s Stone and Charm’s Silver 

• Tjhoko Paint Antique Brown Glaze

Here’s how...

Clean the wardrobe thoroughly with lacquer thinners and give it at least 20 minutes to dry. Apply masking tape where necessary.

2 Apply 2 coats of Sherif’s Stone with the 50mm brush. Allow each coat to dry completely and wait 20–30 minutes before doing the next step. 

3 Stir the Charm’s Silver well before you paint it over the Sherif’s Stone. Also stir during use.

4 Apply 2–3 coats and give the last layer about 4 hours to dry. 

5 Moisten a clean piece of mutton cloth with water and squeeze out any excess moisture. Stir the Antique Glaze well. Dip the 38mm brush in the Antique Glaze and paint small areas at a time, especially in the grooves. Immediately rub with the damp cloth to blend the glaze into the silver background; use more or less glaze depending on your personal preference.

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