Video Francois Oberholster | Editing Suné Esterhuizen

You will need

  • piece of offcut scaffolding plank (about 850mm long)
  • 6m thick rope (depends on height of your branch)
  • drill with 19mm spade bit
  • sandpaper
  • word template
  • carbon paper
  • pen
  • Woodoc Gel Stain in the colour Ebony
  • Woodoc Water-Borne DECK
  • small artist brush
  • paintbrush

Get started

1. Drill a 19mm hole at each corner of the scaffolding plank.

2. Sand the edges of the plank smooth.

3. Download and print the word template here.

4. Use the carbon paper to carefully trace the words on the side of the plank.

5.Paint the words with the Gel Stain and small artist brush. Let it dry and paint a second coat. Let it dry for four hours.

6. Seal the plank on all sides with three coats of Woodoc Water-Borne DECK, letting the sealant dry between coats.

7. Cut the rope into two 3m lengths and tie it through the holes you made in step 1.

8. Tie the ropes to the branch of a tree.

NOTE: Woodoc Gel Stain will fade in direct sunlight.