Hard labour 1/10

Skill level 2/10

Time needed 1 hour

Do it yourself for R272:

  • Paper R60,
  • styrene sheeting R62,
  • ceiling light fixture R130,
  • LED light bulb R20

You will need

Shopping list

• 3 sheets of A3 card (160 gm)

• A4 styrene sheet

• ceiling light fitting

• split pin paper fastener

• double-sided tape

• LED light bulb (stays cool, and will not pose a fire hazard)


• steel ruler

• cutting mat

• craft knife or embossing tool

• pencil

• stapler

• scissors

• hole punch

1 Place the first sheet of card on a cutting mat in a landscape position. Using a ruler and craft knife, score a vertical line 1cm from the right edge; this strip forms a lip to which the next sheet will be attached in step 5.

2 Measure and score seven equally-spaced vertical lines to divide the space between the left side of the card and the lip into eight equal sections. Fold each scored line to make a valley fold, then unfold.

3 Measure 22cm from the top of the first, third, fifth, and seventh fold, and make a small pencil mark. 3a Use a ruler and craft knife to score lines joining each pencil mark to the top and bottom of the fold lines on either side. Erase the pencil marks.

4 Fold each scored line made in step 3 into a mountain fold. The sheet of card should now form the shape shown (it may need a little encouragement). Repeat steps 1–4 with the remaining two sheets.

5 Make a tab for sticking the three sheets together by cutting off the top and bottom corners of the 1 cm lip (the lip is visible in the foreground of pic 4) on the right side of each sheet. The corners should be cut to match the angle of the adjacent folded line.

6 Flatten each of the three folded sheets and turn them on their sides. Cut through all the layers in the position shown, beginning about 3cm down from the end of the fold and finishing at the top point.

7 Stick the three pieces together: apply double-sided tape to the front of the lip, down the right side of the first piece, and attach it behind the left edge of the next piece, aligning along the top and bottom edges.

8 Cut along the second mountain fold from the right end, as shown. Discard the trimmed small piece.

9 Turn the three attached sheets over. Triangular peaks will now show at the top. Work along the top edge of the piece, using a stapler to secure the two layers of each triangular fold together as close to the base as you can.

10 Stick double-sided tape on the edge you cut in step 8.

11 Cut an A4 piece from the styrene sheet. Punch a hole in the top left corner. Roll the sheet into a cone and mark where the hole is on the styrene below. Punch a hole on the mark you’ve made.

12 Place the lamp holder and cord of your light fixture on the sheet and roll it into a cone again with the holes lining up. Insert the split pin paper fastener through the holes and bend the pins open to secure the cone in place.

13 Wrap the origami lampshade around the cone with the cord of your light fixture, then close using the double-sided tape you attached in step 10 and fit an LED light bulb.


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