Gather up those the old cloth napkins, an old tablecloth or a runner. Make sure the items are made from natural fabric and not synthetic material.Set up a comfortable space for yourself, close to your computer screen so that you can see what we are doing, and follow us.

Let the kids join in – this is an opportunity to engage everyone in the family and to get creative together. They can jazz up old T-shirts.

Family time with a touch of paint has never been so much fun.

Protect your work surface with a piece of plastic or whatever you have available.

Put on an apron if you have one or wear old clothes – accidents can happen!

Make sure you have water to rinse your paintbrushes and paper towel or old rags for drying off the brushes.

You will need some of the following items – not necessarily everything; see what you have and get it ready:

• Old tablecloth, cloth napkins or a table runner

• Tjhoko Paint in the colours of your choice

• Artist paintbrushes or any paintbrushes – medium size brushes will work

• 2 potatoes cut in half; one with a pattern of your choice carved out

• Empty toilet rolls

• Earbuds

• Corks

• An orange or lemon cut in half (cut this a day before and put it in the sun to dry)

• An onion cut in half (cut this a day before and put it in the sun to dry)

• A fork

• A piece of newspaper

• A knife

• Clean paper plates or any disposable containers

• Dustbin to keep your work surface clean and organised

We look forward to inspiring you and can’t wait to meet everyone!

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