You will need

  • weathered solid wood chairs
  • petroleum jelly
  • Woodoc Wood Reviver
  • Woodoc Water-Borne Plus-Life PRIMER
  • Woodoc Water-Borne MARINE Matt
  • sandpaper
  • paintbrushes
  • cloth

Here's how...

1 Cover all metal parts with petroleum jelly.

2 Mix the Woodoc Wood Reviver crystals with hot water. Use the gloves and spatula provided in the container. Scrub the affected areas well with the Woodoc Wood Reviver.

Wash the Woodoc Wood Reviver off with plenty of clean water. Let your chairs dry out completely.

4 Sand the surface until smooth and bare.

5 Apply 1 coat of Woodoc Water-Borne Plus-Life PRIMER. Let it dry.

6 Apply 3 coats of Woodoc Water-Borne MARINE Matt, lightly sanding after the first and second coats and letting it dry between coats. Do not sand after the last coat.