Photo from Home February 2014

Discarded oak, black wood, blue gum and kiaat offcuts make for beautiful wall shelves. Look out for any mites or bugs that may have nested in the wood; a clear sign is minute piles of sawdust.

Photo from Home April 2016
 We love this unusual stoep feature made of a collection of vintage glass bottles suspended from an old bicycle rim.
Photo from Home April 2016
Photo from Home April 2016

These kids’ chairs are hung up and used as storage when not in use and taken down when friends visit while a car-themed focal wall was made using a collected and found objects.

Photo from Home May 2017
 An pair of old jeans, scissors, pins and fabric glue was all that was needed to transform this ottoman.

A pocket serves as a handy remote holder!

Photo from Home June 2017
 Here, an old mirror has been repurposed as a splashback and it reflects plenty of light as well as the view outdoors.
Photo from Home July 2016

In this bedroom, the bed base is made of bricks, the headboard of old pallets framed with sheets of aluminium and the striking arched door from an unused garden gate.

Photo from Home September 2014

A playful décor element is a sure-fire way to add interest to a room – how inspiring is this stool, wine rack and trunk -- all are inexpensive, made from recycled timber.

Photo from Home September 2017

This cool bar counter was once the front fender of a truck, discovered on a rubbish dump.

Photo from Home May 2016

This headboard is made from wooden gates that were removed from the front garden of this home. It’s painted with Annie Sloan’s Antoinette.

Photo from Home October 2016

We love this staircase made with recycled steel and old pallets. Books add whimsy and strengthen the steps.