Photographs Francois Oberholster


  • R850 for table on Gumtree
  • R70 for gold leaf
  • R30 for gilding size
  • R107 for Tjhoko Paint

Total: R1 057

You will need

  • table
  • screwdriver
  • sandpaper
  • cloth
  • thinners
  • Tjhoko Paint in the colour Coral Stone
  • spirit level
  • masking tape
  • gilding size (gold leaf adhesive)
  • gold leaf
  • brushes (one each for paint and size; soft clean brush to apply gold leaf)

1 Remove the handle with a screwdriver.

2 Lightly sand the surface. Remove any dust with a damp cloth.

3 Wipe the surface with thinners to prepare for the chalk paint application.

4 Paint the table with two coats of Tjhoko Paint, letting the paint dry between layers. Leave the bottom of the legs unpainted.

5 Use the spirit level to mark where you want to apply the gold leaf on each leg. Mask the area above your marks.

6 Apply a thin layer of gilding size to the legs. Leave it for 15 minutes to get tacky.

7 Carefully position the gold leaf on the tacky areas. Use the soft brush to smooth it out and wipe away any excess gold leaf.

8 Replace the handle.