DIY paint effect

Splatter paint on a focal wall for a quick, contemporary and very affordable solution. Just make sure you cover all furniture and other walls, because this could get messy. 

Painted wall

Be daring when painting a focal wall – pink will still be in fashion for the next few years, so you just need to get the shade right. Other exciting colours are warm metallics, dark blues, charcoal and even red is making a comeback. Colour blocking is also a graphic way to break up a big wall. 

Blackboard paint

The possibilities are endless with a blackboard wall. It always looks dramatic and you can change it along with your mood. Write or draw something that goes with your look.

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Empty frames

Get your old frames out, or visit a charity store for affordable frames. For a more dramatic look paint all the frames and wall the same colour. White will be calming, charcoal dramatic and a metallic theme will bring in a touch of extravagance. 

Cluster of art

A cluster of art is an obvious solution for a wall. To take it a notch up, opt for the same frames and colour coded artworks. To save costs, find something on the internet to print. 



Wallpaper is a pricy solution and ranges between R700-R2500 a roll which covers about 5m2, but the possibilities are endless. One focal wall per room is usually enough. Wallpaper is also available in textures which give a room a lavish touch without tying you to a specific theme.

Wallpaper is not difficult to remove anymore, so you won’t be stuck with it for 30 years. 

Vertical garden

A wall of foliage looks fresh and works well on a patio, in a lounge, dining room or kitchen. There are simple vertical garden systems available nowadays at nurseries. Edible plants in a kitchen will also come in handy. Just ensure that the plants you choose are suited for the environment and that they get enough light. 

Large painting

A large painting on a wall makes a statement and looks contemporary. If you can’t afford the real thing, print an image on a stretched canvass or make your own abstract artwork. 

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Tiles are usually associated with flooring, bathrooms and kitchens, but the right design will result in an intriguing wall. The next hot trend is pattern that dissolves, so no need to tile the whole wall. 

Wall-to-wall bookshelf

Bookshelves add character to any interior, but if you want to splash, have a wall-to-wall unit built in. A ladder on a rail to reach the top shelf gives extra interest.