Have you become bored of hanging onto that “hand-me-down-deco” and want some change? Been eyeing that credit card in temptation of going on a splurge, but falling deeper into debt is not an option? Considering that there are many in the same sinking financial boat, how can you redo your flat without going bust?

Here are some easy, and most importantly, cheap, tips to make your home trendy on a budget:

Could that chair be a table?

Repurposing furniture might seem silly, but there is always that item in a room that never actually found it’s space because it wasn’t a table. Dining room table chairs make great side tables and visa versa. Think outside the box… then take that box and make it into a stand-alone shelf on a wall. Not only is this cheap, but it is a lot of fun.

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Play with your walls

We often tend to forget that pictures hanging on the wall are movable. Hell, if you’re bored with the items hanging on the wall, print out some free artwork and place it into a frame. Or if you’re lacking items to begin with, hang a large colourful canvas to bring some colour to the area. If you happen to have mirrors, switch them around and create that feeling of space in a new room.

Invite Mother Nature inside

A little extra greenery in the living space of your home can do wonders for your space. Make sure though that they are indoor plants, otherwise that splash of green will be a puddle of brown. Plants also help provide a fresh source of oxygen to the room, which is vital if you live in an apartment block.

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Paint something, anything really

A splash or a coat of paint will definitely bring a new dimension to any living area. Paint a wall, or multiple surfaces in the lounge, maybe use chalkboard paint so you and friends can write messages. If you’ve decided the furniture needs a revamp, remember to stock up on some sand paper and that your surfaces are clean before applying.

Rent something

As we know your credit card is out of the picture, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t acquire something new for your home. Rent-to-own contracts, like the one offered by Teljoy, mean you can get something straight out the box, whether it’s for the kitchen, living room or the study without incurring debt. You will end up paying more for the item over the long run, than if you bought it straight, but sometimes we don't have choice, do we? Anyway, it’s never been easier to get something new to spice up your abode.