Zzzzz ... Zzzzz ... What is that sound? Zzzzz ... Zzzzz ... It’s 1am in the freakin’ morning. Zzzzz ... Zzzzz ... Slap, bang, gone? Not a chance. In roughly 20 seconds time (if you’re lucky), it’s bound to start up again.

Yep, you’ve guessed it – summer’s trotting in and so are those darn pesky mosquitoes!

In the heat, it’s a topic we can all relate to. And because a puffed up, mosquito bitten eye is last on your festive season wish list, we’ve rounded up some full-proof tips to make your warmer nights a bit more comfortable.

But first, let’s start with the facts…

Did you know?

Have you ever felt as though a mosquito went out of its way to bite you, and YOU alone? If so, you could be right because after some fervent mozzie research, I learnt that:
•    They locate their prey (yes, that’s you!) mainly by scent (body odour) and CO2 emissions.
•    Mozzies are more attracted to women than what they are to men. Also, pregnant women are more likely to be bitten because they produce a greater-than-normal amount of exhaled carbon dioxide.
•    Only female mosquitoes bite.
•    Following a feeding, mozzies urinate on their host – this explains the wet residue left on your skin immediately after you’ve been bitten.
•    They suck our blood for its protein which (gosh!) helps them lay their eggs, resulting in even more mozzies.
•    On average, the buggers drink between 0.001 to 0.1 millimeters of blood per feeding which isn’t much, except when you think about what they need it for, it gets a little scary!

How to get rid of them

Sprays and foggers are pricey and aside from their damaging effect on our environment, they’re largely useless at eliminating mozzies for good.

What about citronella candles and smoking coils? Sure, they repel some insects, but the only way you can be completely protected is if you position yourself directly in the stinky, smoky fumes. Not cool.

Any alternatives? Sure there are:

•    The most effective way to shirk a mosquito plague is to make sure that your property is free of stagnant water.  Have a garden pond? That’s okay. Just make sure you fill it up with some gorgeous fish who thrive on mosquito eggs.
•    Invest in a mosquito net – it’s only for the summer and besides, they’re pretty romantic over a bed.
•    Keep windows and doors closed after 7pm. Or at least try to.
•    Also get a fan. Not only will it keep you cool in the sweltering heat, but mozzies fear the gust of wind it propels.
•    Get a good insect repellent lotion that you can apply before you go to bed. The advantage is that it will keep you protected, but the disadvantage is that the smell will keep your partner away from you too.

Know of other ways to rid a home of mosquitoes? Share your tips with other (probably desperate) readers in the box below.