Marion says: "Oh my gosh! I am exactly the same!

I despise shopping for clothes and shoes and more often than not a clothes outing ends in tears but not groceries.

I love grocery shopping. I used to live near the big Rondebosch Checkers and loved popping in after work and strolling down the wide aisles.

As long as I'm not in a hurry I find it so relaxing and obviously Woolies is my absolute downfall - I have to be quite strict with myself otherwise I'd end up completely broke."

Nazz says: "My sentiments exactly, reading your newsletter sums it up for me too. 

Don't worry you're not the only one, I clear my Saturday afternoons fortnightly to leisurely stroll in the aisles of the same supermarket I have been frequenting for the past 20 years.

I’ve seen them renovating, upgrading and extending.  I can tell the staff and customers where each and every item is packed.

Because of budget constraints, I have to keep myself from indulging in exotic/new items that is lining up on the endless shelves.

Sometimes I do as a treat.  I hate clothes and shoe shopping as well because I’m the size that does not exist. 

My daughter hates it when I don't want to go to the malls but when we do find me in Clicks, Boardmans or Home stores.
Happy Shopping
PS: Stop fondling the avo’s! They turn brown inside when they do ripen and its not visible on the outside.  Buy them hard and store with a banana in the cupboard till soft.

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