I can’t help but think of all the awkward moments of having a vagina-shaped ashtray around.

#thatawkwardmoment# when you father in-law gives you the ‘WTF’ look after stubbing his cigarette in the Gashtray ashtray.
#thatawkwardmoment# when your wife brings you a Gashtray ashtray for your wedding anniversary.
#thatawkwardmoment# when your partner holds the Gashtray ashtray and says “it reminds me of you.”
#thatawkwardmoment# when you use the Gashtray as a potpourri holder and someone says ‘it smells different’.

Like really now, we all know the vagina is very fascinating. Apparently it is so fascinating that we have seen it in hat and necklace form, and someone even made a big golden statue of Kate Moss’s and there were talks of moulding Lindsay Lohan’s for a sex toy.

The Gashtray is hand-moulded from clay, with an acrylic paint job with a gloss finish and it can be used as for anything from potpourri holder, ash tray, plant pot to key holder - basically for anything that can fit in it.

What do you think of the vagina shaped ashtray?