Security is a priority for us all, but are you doing everything you can to keep your home safe from robbers? Try these tips.

1. Get to know your neighbours
If you don’t know your neighbours, make an effort to get together with them and make a list of their names and phone numbers. You’ll all then be able to spot unusual activity in your street and keep an eye out for each other.

2. Close doors
Don’t leave your gates open, car running in driveway and security doors open while you ‘just run inside’ to fetch something. That’s all the time a lurking house robber needs to steal your car and/or its contents, or to follow you into the house.

3. Lock up
Keep security barriers on doors and windows closed and locked, even when you’re home.

4. Make sure your car looks empty
Don’t leave items visible in your car for smash-and-grab robbers. Rather store them in your boot, and if you don’t have automatic locking, lock the boot before you get into the car.

The same applies if you park the car in your driveway or street and not in a garage.

5. Know your employees
Know who you are employing, whether they’re full time domestic employees or just contract workers. Ask for ID’s so that you can make copies; get references for builders or repair companies; don’t allow anyone onto the property if they don’t comply.

6. Keep things tidy
Clean up your property. House robbers use overgrown trees on the perimeter to jump over electric fences or walls. Unkempt shrubbery can provide hiding places, and equipment left lying around make handy break-in tools or weapons against dogs (or you!).

7. Test your security systems
Check your security systems at home periodically to make sure everything is in working order, including barriers on doors and windows.

One last thing...
If you do find criminals on your property, keep calm and don’t make eye contact. Let them take your possessions – they’re replaceable, but lives aren’t.

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