Sharing a house or flat can be an… interesting experience. For the first couple of weeks, everyone is on their best behaviour, then at some point, small things start cropping up that make you realise that maybe they aren’t perfect people (none of us are, thought). Maybe they let dirty dishes sit in the sink for a week. Or perhaps they never wipe the kitchen counters after cooking. One of them might park in your space. Or leave the toilet seat up. These little habits can land up being incredibly annoying.  Here’s proof that you aren’t alone.

We asked our facebook fans to comment on our  page about their pet peeves when it comes to living with other people:

Gaelen: Mine can't contribute much financially so you'd think there wouldn't be such a long face when you ask him to do the dishes, right?

Kenalemang : 
You suggest that you share groceries, they opt not to. Then when you buy your own stuff they use it and don't even bother replacing it.

Arc: The fact that they cannot clean properly and you have to redo the cleaning again, eg. the dishes.

Louisa: I share a geyser with the flat upstairs. Man, I wish that guy would have some kind of schedule. Cold showers suck!

Karen: Do husbands count? (Editor’s note: We’ve decided they do. You’re still sharing a space with someone else.)

Sunira: Picking up after them in common areas because I can't stand filth.

Lara: My pet peeve is when they finish your stuff (be it the milk/shampoo/washing powder etc.) and then replace it with a brand you don't like/use... if they even replace it at all!

Lolo: When we get home, he goes straight to the comfortable chair and watches TV or jumps into bed. He also seems to think his food and everything else will bring itself to him – as if there is a helper.

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