The bathroom is one in room in the home that offers the most potential to save both water and electricity. If you fit your bathroom out cleverly, over time, you can save thousands of rand on your water and lights bill.

You don’t need to overhaul your entire bathroom to do this – just substitute some of your existing bathroom fittings with clever water-efficient options, and you will be well on your way – here’s how:

Double flush

Any modern toilet worth its salt should come with a dual-flush mechanism. This mechanism saves a tremendous amount of water. For a single flush, four litres are used for liquid waste, and for a double flush, six litres are used to flush away solid waste.

Water-saving roses

Having a shower is always far more water efficient than bathing. A five-minute shower uses about a third of the water compared to a bath, so save those long soaks for special occasions and get your kids showering as early as possible. You can also make your showers even more water-efficient by simply changing your shower rose. Low-flow showerheads can reduce your water usage by as much as 50%,and are very affordable, while still giving you the feeling of a standard high-pressure shower.

These low-flow showerheads save water via two methods:
•    A water flow restrictor  slows down the water flow rate. This also saves electricity, as you'll use substantially less hot water.  Flow restrictors can be built-in, or  inserted into the back end of a showerhead. They also come already inserted in a chrome adaptor-type fitting that can be screwed into place between the showerhead and the shower arm.
•    An aerator system mixes air into the water to maintain a constant pressure, while using substantially less water. This can cool the water temperature slightly. Aerators can also be built-in, or they can be purchased separately and manually inserted.

Tap tap tap

Another really good way of saving water is to exchange your existing taps or faucets with water-efficient models.

All taps that are currently SABS-approved and have a special mark must conform to regulations on the amount of water that is permitted to flow through the taps within a certain period of time.

For older types of taps, you can purchase quite a few eco-efficient aerators which are suitable for both the bathroom and kitchen.

Hot and toasty

Heated towel rails present a very economical way of heating up your bathroom and towels.

If your heated towel rail is left to run 24 hours a day, it will cost you on average around 46 cents per watt per month.

Bathroom Bizarre has a selection of heated towel rails which offer two different power saving options:

PTSelect Switch: This switch allows for the temperature of the rail to be user adjustable, as well as allowing you to switch it on and off. This means you'll be able to reduce the running cost of your heated towel rail.

TDC Timer: This  allows you to programme the rail to switch on and off automatically, which can save you anything up to 75%. It also allows you to adjust the temperature settings, and the chosen programmes are stored on non-volatile memory, which means that your settings won’t be lost even in the event of a power failure.

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How do you save water in your bathroom? Share your tips and advice with us.