Milo Moiré “gave birth” to a whole new art form at the recent German Art Cologne Fair.

If you thought that vomit artist who puked all over Lady Gaga was bad, welcome to a whole new level of strange.

According to Buzzfeed, Milo created her masterpiece by inserting a load of eggs filled paint into her vagina. She then stands on top of two mini scaffolds and squats over a canvas where she, uh, releases the eggs from her whoo hoo so that they “plop” onto the canvas. Once she’s finished, her assistant helps her fold the canvas over. She then uses a paint roller over the folded canvas and then unfolds it to make the final product.

Oh, and she’s’ completely nude the entire time.

This is the finished product.

While I think it's amazing that she uses her body to create her art, and obviously isn't shy to shed her clothes, this one is just a bit too cray cray for me. Well, this and the woman who knits from her vagina.

Check out the video below.

Images: YouTube

This painting technique is...