After reading Lili's Choose asparagus, choose shampoo, choose life article,  one of our readers decided to share with us her love for going grocery shopping.

Hi Lili,

I'm sitting at my desk with a ridiculously smug smile on my face, because I'm so happy that there are more like me out there! Yay!

I also love to go grocery shopping, can't wait to make my list and hit the Pick n Pay Hyper! (And when making my list I can actually sit and visualize every aisle in order from left to right to think about what I need to buy).

I love it so much that I always go on pay day, even if it means that it's at 5pm on a week day, it's priceless to have gloriously full shelves to choose from! I see it as the only guilt-free, necessary shopping that I get to do and this makes it just that much more enjoyable.

Speaking of variety, don't get me started! I also can't use the same thing two months in a row - especially toiletries!

I love to smell all the deodorants in each row, even though I know pretty much all of them.

This goes for shower gels, shampoos and hand soaps as well - who buys something without smelling it first?! I'm also a firm fan of Clicks, but we've got such a lovely big Dischem that it quickly dethroned Clicks in my book.

The only other store that I love nearly as much as Dischem, is CNA. I'm a serious stationery freak and books make me just as weak at the knees! The thought of a colourful, shiny new pen is exhilirating! Just a shame that stationery prices are becoming seriously ridiculous.

So there you have it - we should form some sort of club for fans of (usually) mundane shopping :)

Marlizette de Kock 

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