As always, every year the shops are full of beautiful new décor trends and it's hard to decide what to take and what to leave.

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Choose a look that suits your personality with the help of our simple recommendations.

Personality 1: A people's person, mediator, peace-maker

Décor trend: Earthy industrial

Walnut side table, Weylandts, R2,495.

Ragged edge bowl, Weylandts, R295.

Colours: Natural mid-tones, ochre, orange, greens, blues and browns, earthy metallic

Texture, pattern and shapes: Natural, wood, bark, florals, foliage, check, organic shapes

Buzz words: A blend of industrial and natural, rustic, biodegradable

Home style: Add rustic wooden elements, indoor plants, an emerald green or dark blue wall and scatters with plant prints. Counter balance it with industrial elements such as a lamp and aged metallic décor smalls.  

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Personality 2: Adventurer, creative, optimistic, entertainer

Décor trend: Glam

Dolce chair, SHF, R7,000.

Patterned bath towel, R229.

Colours: Use dark shades like night blue and charcoal as base colours with brighter accents and shiny metallics to add sparkle. 

Texture, pattern and shapes: Polished metal and glass, faceted & smoky glass, dark florals

Buzz words: Ornate, opulent, sophisticated, moody

Home style: This look can only be pulled off with dark walls, so be brave. Pack your retro and playful items away for a next season and get those moody heirlooms out of the trunk.

Put dark red roses in a faceted glass vase and give your grey couch a dramatic look with bold, dark floral scatters.

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Personality 3: Logical, analytical, practical

Décor trend: Soft contemporary

Havil small vessel, Country Road at Woolworths, R299.

Trio shelf, Superbalist, R1,299.

Colours: Light greys are used as the base colour with strong pastels and blue accents, all in matt.

Materials: Unglazed ceramics, cork, untreated light wood, recycled matt plastics and new materials

Texture, pattern and shapes: Smooth matt, circles, softened shapes, soft corners, geometrics

Buzz words: Simplicity, designs that save time or space

Home style: Freshen different areas by adding clever space saving, designer-looking shelves, pastel scatters with circle motifs, a new bathroom mirror – either round or with soft corners and a display with matt pastel vases.

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Personality 4: Traditional, orderly, social

Décor trend: Neo retro

Flynn 2-seater sofa, Sofa Company, R11,299.

Ceramic bobble vase, mrphome, R199.99.

Colours: Colour-blocking, green, pink, blue, salmon, a touch of red, smoky glass, warm metallics

Texture, pattern and shapes: Velvet, soft touch, geometric prints

Buzz words: Past & present fuse, timeworn

Home style: Keep all your retro shaped furniture and throw out the very classical curly items. Simplicity is key.

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Add bold retro colours in the form of colour-blocked scatter cushions or a chair.  Or paint your heirlooms. Add some rose gold or copper for luxury.

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To read more about the 4 personalities, visit Psychologia.

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