Magicians rely on the art of diverting attention away from what they don’t want you to see. You can do the same with that old, torn couch or outdated headboard. Here are some practical and affordable tips to trick the eye:

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Choose a colour scheme

Choose a colour palette for your new accessories – make sure it is different enough from the item you want to hide, but still compliments the overall look.

Cover up

Hide your unloved couch or bed behind many scatter cushions in your new accent colours – the brighter and bolder the better. If the sofa is patterned, stick to monochrome colours. Patterned scatter cushions will distract even more if the couch is one colour. Geometric patterns are great distractions.

Create a new focal point

Add items that are so beautiful that all eyes will be on the new object. A signature light or bold, patterned rug will cost less than a new couch and draw attention to the ceiling or floor. You can also group a collection of art, wall boxes, frames or photos on the wall above the unwanted furniture item.

Work with scale 

Oversized items are hard to ignore and dwarf any normal sized item in a room. An extra big floor lamp, hanging lamps, sculpture or mural are items that work well when bigger than usual

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Position a pretty furniture item in front of the couch or item you want to hide. A coffee table with a selection of beautiful vases and ornaments will make the item in the background less visible. The keyword here is quantity – the table should be full enough to become an interesting still life. Create uniformity by using similar textures, colours or a theme.

Add texture

Chunky, knitted throws or a piece of sheepskin over worn upholstery will be pleasing on the eye and feel good to touch. Throws can either be tight over a section of the furniture piece to create a broad line, or loosely draped.

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Spread the colour

Embrace rather than fight the colour of your furniture. Repeat the colour in a focal wall or scatters to give it less punch.

Bring in plants

Flowers in vases or pot plants are appreciated by all and can liven up the dreariest interior. An interesting vase or a group of vases will draw even more attention.  

Create beauty around your unloved piece and it will go unseen! 

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