Co.Design suggests that our preference of high ceilings is linked to a psychological sense of freedom. 

According to psychologist Oshin Vartanian of the University of Toronto-Scarborough, high ceilings bring out positive feelings in us. Although present custom home builders opt for higher ceilings (over 2.6 metres), the majority of homes have lower ceilings, giving the appearance of smaller, less accommodating rooms.

Here are 7 tips for providing the illusion of a high ceiling and an overall larger space in your home:

Use vertical patterned wallpaper

Pair this with an elongated design piece, such as a lamp shade with a thin, tall base, or a floral arrangement that stretches high and you’ll have a deceptively tall-looking ceiling.

Hang photo frames and art pieces closer to the ceiling

This also tricks the eye into looking upward. Choose vertically-shaped artwork and frames over horizontal shapes.

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Floor to ceiling curtains

The elongation theory is quite popular among interior designers. If you hang your curtains all the way to the ceiling instead of right on the window frame, it will draw the eyes straight up and emphasize the length. This will trick the eye into seeing a higher ceiling and will make your space look larger.

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Lighter ceilings  

Paint the ceilings lighter than the walls – light colours will reflect a lot of light and give off a sense of increased height. You don’t necessarily have to stick to white or beige; pastel colours are more inviting and will work just as well. 

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Avoid clutter in the smaller spaces of your home

Having too many furniture or decorative pieces is visually displeasing  and can make you feel “boxed in” when your ceiling is low. To give off the impression of an extensive view, keep your interior design minimal and simple. 

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Get rid of objects protruding from the ceiling

Keep your ceiling looking flat by removing fans and overhead lighting. Opt for wall lights instead. It’ll emit a surrounding light throughout the space, and is a great alternative to downlights or track lights since their gentle glow creates an ambient atmosphere.

Use recessed lighting

Chandeliers have a sumptuous quality, and, let’s face it, who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of it? However, it may make your ceiling look lower than it actually is. The same goes for any other hanging light features. For a simple look that will exude the appearance of a high ceiling, use recessed lighting. 

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