You don't need to spend your entire savings on organising your home, these 10 tips will have your home neat and tidy - and super organised - on a budget.

1 Commit to one type of hanger

You won't believe the difference one type of hanger will make to your wardrobe. Say goodbye to that random jumble of wire, wooden and plastic hangers that look so awful. One type makes your wardrobe look a hundred times more organised, immediately.

2 Sort those instruction manuals

Get a plastic folder and place all of those loose instruction manuals and warranties into it. We know you can't throw these things away, but you may as well store them neatly.

3 Tackle 'that' drawer

We all have 'that' drawer in our home where everything ends up, from random batteries to old light bulbs etc. Want to be the ultimate home organiser?

Get that drawer in order!

Throw out what you don't need and get a drawer organiser to make things easier to maintain.

4 Label your shelves

Label your shelves so that you know what goes where, and then weeks later things will be easy to place and find. Tape, especially washi tape is great to write a description of what goes where.

5 Use those old jars

Glass jars are too lovely to throw away. They make great storage jars. They're perfect for cotton threads, your favourite cookie cutters, hair bands, you name it. Take organisation to a whole new level and label them as you go.

6 Store your kids' toys

Once the kids hit home there are toys everywhere - and there is no getting away from that. Get storage boxes or bags for each room. Laundry baskets do a fantastic job and these days you can find beautiful ones.

7 Don't hold onto years' worth of magazines

It's all about digital darling. Start Pinning and get rid of your stacks and stacks of old mags. If there are specific articles or ideas that you love, tear these pages from your favourite publication and file them.

8 Paint a chalkboard wall in your kitchen

Paint a wall, panel or cupboard with chalkboard (black or green) paint and you will immediately have a neater note space. Write messages to your housekeeper, husband or yourself on this board instead of having a whole lot of loose papers hanging off the fridge.

9 Get rid of your CDs

Gasp! Think about it, this will save you space and all that frustration of the right CD not being in the correct case. Simply load all your music onto your computer and then say goodbye to endless discs and cases.

10 Sort your recycling

We all try to recycle but the thought of having five different packets in the bin is way too messy and confusing. Get separate bins for separate rubbish and label them accordingly.

Get neat and green at the same time.

Words: Cheska Stark

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