Bruges, Belgium

The beautiful canals make Bruges one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Within medieval overtones and countless historical and architectural wonders, the whole city is a representation of the love of the past, present and future.

Sydney, Australia

It’s the Independent’s second choice of the most romantic cities in the world with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House as a scenic backdrop. Other activities include swimming at Camp Cove Beach and taking a ferry to Taranga Zoo.

Prague, Czech Republic

The immaculate old town is filled with fairy tale architecture and cobblestoned streets. Walk hand-in-hand across the Charles Bridge and check out their amazing night scene as you see the beautiful lights of the cathedrals and castles shining over the majestic town.

Venice, Italy

Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss once composed and lived in this city known as one of the most romantic. Take a gondola ride through the canals, or a boat over to San Giorgio Maggiore and gaze upon the city with your loved one.

Kyoto, Japan

The historical and tranquil city of Kyoto is a beautiful and picturesque dream for all lovers. Stroll the walkaways through the Ginkaku-ji Zen temple and the famed Golden Pavilion, also known as the Kinkaku-ji. The city is filled with romantic locations, especially in the cherry blossom season.

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