My colleagues and I often use public transport to get to and from work. We also bitch and moan about the gross things we witness on the bus, train or taxi.

So, in light of our aggravations, we’ve rallied together and compiled a list of a few dos and don’ts:

•    Do not litter. It’s a bus. Not a garbage dump.
•    If you want to listen to music, get earphones. Not everyone wants to listen to Akon talking about getting all up on that girl’s booty.
•    If you are using earphones, don’t turn the music up so loud that even the driver can hear it!
•    Try not to fall asleep on the person next to you.
•    Please please please don’t chew gum in my ear!
•    Don’t try and chat me up (unless you’re super hot and stinking rich...not super gross and just stinky.)
•    Don’t look at my phone while I’m texting... I could be texting about how your stinky armpits are nauseating me.

•    In light of the above: Do take your hygiene seriously. Carriages, buses and taxis can get really full which means that you often stand or sit right on top of each other – you can smell if someone hasn’t washed.
•    Do carry tissues... Coughing and sneezing (especially in winter when the windows are closed) will be met with vicious stares. And perhaps, a backhand.
•    Be considerate. The person next to you might not appreciate you shouting at your friend on the other side of the bus.
•    Respect personal space. Just because you had a big lunch doesn’t mean you can occupy half of my seat as well.
•    If you’re standing in the aisle, give space to people who are trying to get off.
•    Do stand up for the elderly. And heavily pregnant women. And mothers carrying tiny babies. And those lugging around heavy bags. It’s only decent.
•    Do not advertise your work issues to your fellow train buddies for ALL to hear. It’s unprofessional and makes you look like a whiny be-atch.
•    Wait your turn to get on/in. Forcing your way while others are getting out is just plain rude and makes life difficult for everyone, including yourself!

What are your public transport pet peeves?