Everyone is guilty of using sexual innuendo.

It can be clever and funny - in certain situations. For example; it is okay to use it when you are at a braai with your mates, or chatting with your friend on Whatsapp.

Using it in an advertisement for a bus company however is not the right place - ever.

Just ask New Adventure Travel, a private bus company out of Wales who are pulling their tasteless ads after public outcry.

The posters feature a topless woman holding a sign saying: “Ride me all day for £3”

According to Buzzfeed the bus company used the posters to launch its new bus routes, but has now issued a statement that the all the posters will be removed.

While the company was probably trying to achieve some sort of cheeky/sexy humour, it just ended up being cheap and offensive.

But at least it wasn’t just women who were victims of their terrible campaign, as they also had a male version of the poster.

As expected the internet went crazy, with some people complaining and others having fun with the hastag #RideMeAllDay. This just goes to show that sex doesn’t always sell.

This bus ad is…