Image: Twitter

According to Buzzfeed, a woman at Dulles International Airport, where now deceased US Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan had a layover, went all out in a bid not to contract the disease.

A picture of the woman, who was seen wearing a full body plastic gown with hood, mask and gloves, went viral after it was tweeted and then picked up by various news outlets.

According to, Dulles is one of four airports in the US which are now screening for Ebola along with airports in Chicago, Atlanta, and Newark, New Jersey.

The picture certainly shows how afraid the public, especially in America, are of contracting the disease.

Ebola can be contracted by contact with the blood, body fluids, secretions or organs of an infected person. The incubation period of the virus between exposure and the first symptoms varies from two to 21 days, according to Health24.

This picture is...