Being South African is pretty awesome. Yes, we don't always get the best rap, and our politicians give us headaches, and there's the crime, and the race issues, and... You get the idea.

But that doesn't mean we don't have really good qualities. The things that make us really, truly, proudly South African. The things we can all relate to. Because this beautiful country and its beautiful people are pretty damn cool.

You know you're South African when:

- You swear in one or all of the 11 official languages

- You laugh every time you watch the Parliamentary channel just to keep from crying

- You braai because, as said on this Tumblr, barbeque is a chips flavour

- You roll your eyes every time an American pronounces it “Charleeze Therin”

charlize theron,monster,you don't know me,gif

Image: Lipstick Alley

- You look down on other countries for only having one language in their national anthem

- You really hope Bafana Bafana will win that match, even though you know they won’t

-  You have a hangover cure that involves at least one or all of the following: ProNutro, Worcestershire sauce, a bottle of Black Label, and a naartjie

- You get irritated when foreigners talk about the “South African accent” because there’s more than just one.

- You immediately recognise the theme songs from most local prime time soaps – even if you don’t watch them

- You know “now” and “now now” are two completely different things and that “now now” can mean anything from a few minutes to a few hours

now we wait,harry potter,funny,gif,


- The electricity runs out and you immediately assume it’s loadshedding

- You use “Ja”, “ag nee man”, “eish” and “shame” without even thinking about it

- Traffic lights are robots and a porch is a stoep

- The mere mention of Steve Hofmeyr’s name makes you either very happy or very angry (I’m sorry)

Image: Swurvradio

- You love it when England or Australia get their asses kicked in rugby or cricket.

- You get irritated when people try to compare biltong and beef jerky and you’re like “they’re not the same”

- The temperature is anything below 18°C, you freak out, complain about global warming and act as if you’re now in Antarctica.

- A complete stranger calls you “aunty/uncle” or “oom/tannie” or “sisi or bhuti”

- You know the difference between sausage and boerewors.

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