Always dreamed of living in outer space? Or at least going there on holiday? Well now your dreams can come true. 

The Aurora Space Station, a luxury hotel out in space, will be offering millionaires the chance to travel to the outer limits. The space station will launch in 2021 and it will accept its first guests in 2022. It will be a fully modular space station that will also act as a hotel. 

According to Apartment Therapy, the hotel is being created by Orion Span, which is a technology start up based in Houston, Texas. 

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All you need is an $80 000 (R1, 071 million) deposit, which barely covers the cost of the 12 day journey. Prices for the trip start at $9.5 million (just over R133 million), so if you’re keen on going, you better make sure you’ve got that money squared away. 

According to Curbed, details on what your stay and room will be like are scarce, but the FAQ page for Orion Span says the private suites are able to fit two people (if you’re thinking about the ultimate honeymoon!) and there are lots of windows, a lab for zero gravity research, a place to grow food and you’ll even have internet and a holodeck that supports virtual reality!

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The modular design of the space station means that capacity can be added as the demand increases and Orion Span also hopes to one day sell dedicated modules as the world’s first condominiums in space. 

If you need more convincing to go for a holiday in space, then you’ll also get to experience 16 sunrises and sunsets in 24 hours due to the hotel orbiting the planet every 90 minutes. 

The only catch (besides having to have a spaceship full of cash) is that you need to undergo a three month certification programme to prep to get there. 

But what’s all that compared to being able to see your home town from space, right? 

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