ICYMI – an American airline called United Airlines stopped two young girls from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings.

According to Buzzfeed, they also made a third girl change so she could catch the flight.

A representative for the airline told Buzzfeed that the girls in question were travelling on the company benefit travel option which is for United Airline employees and their dependants.

Also, the ban on leggings applied only to those who were using the company benefit travel option.

This being said, the internet did not take too kindly to these young girls being policed on how to dress.

Which obviously means there was many an opinion piece and uproar about the entire debacle.

Now, according to Bustle, sportswear brand Puma has decided to show solidarity for girls who wear tights as pants by offering a 20% discount on a pair of leggings to anyone who brings along their used United Airline tickets from now until April 9.

Ha! There’s one for the fight for comfy travel.