If you’re thinking about visiting Japan soon, then get to the Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Odaiba, Tokyo pronto. 

It’s being pushed as the world’s first digital art museum according to The Spaces and the massive, seamless demonstration referred to as teamLab Borderless covers 10 000 sqm and features 50 examples of moving artwork that are designed to respond to and stimulate each of the senses—and inspire some amazing Instagram images.

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Over 520 computers and 470 projects provide the energy behind the interactive setup (using animated graphics, colour and light) which resembles a whimsical playground where colour and patterns come to life and immerse visitors in a lively digital world. 

Artworks are spread across the museum’s five zones and are meant to encourage visitors to interact as the boundary between them and the artwork becomes blurred. 

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According to teamLab, the basis of the project is an ever-changing, fully immersive conceptual world of transcending boundaries. "People lose themselves in the artwork world. 

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"The borderless works transform according to the presence of people, and as we immerse and meld ourselves into this unified world, we explore a continuity among people, as well as a new relationship that transcends the boundaries between people and the world."

Of its Borderless art exhibit, the studio says, "Artworks move out of the rooms freely, form connections and relationships with people, communicate with other works, influence and sometimes intermingle with each other."

How much to get in? A ticket will cost you 3200 yen (R400).

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