There’s something mysterious and alluring about a man from a foreign country. We females swoon at the sound of a man who speaks to us in a foreign accent.

I could gather all my girlfriends and acquaintances and we could chatter and fantasise over how sexy any man with an accent is for hours on end.

My friends and I have even developed preferences when it comes to native hotties.

Some like the French, Italian and American. My personal favourite? The English. I could honestly sit and stare into the eyes of an English man and listen to him speak all day long.

I’ve had local guys roll their eyes at me for oohing and aaahing over another man’s foreign accent, and some even took offence and asked “Is there something wrong with South African men?”

Of course my answer was “No”, followed by a similar question: “Is there anything wrong with South African women that men have to ooh and aah over those Brazilian, Puerto Rican exotic beauties?” Get my point?

There just happens to be that alluring factor that makes me want to explore the unknown. And I’m pretty sure that we’ve all thought that if he speaks different and acts different then he must be different from the rest.

He could even be our prince charming and whisk us away on his white horse jet.You can’t blame a girl for dreaming.

Either way, foreign flavour has me fascinated. It’s not only the attractiveness of exotic men that has me transfixed like a love-struck teenager.

It’s the fact that they add an element of alternative culture, a hint of adventure and the magnetism of the mysterious.

Besides, how often have we not searched for the perfect face to fit the profile of our imagined white knight from the pages of our favourite novel?

I say there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy ladies, wouldn’t you agree?

What do you love about foreign flavour? Share you opinions with us and leave a comment in the box below.