An Australian woman has been branded “toxic” and “vile” after drawing up a list of demands for a potential partner and posting it through strangers’ doors.

The 26-year-old from Melbourne wrote a bizarre list of requirements for a future boyfriend because she was frustrated with dating apps, Metro UK reports.

In the letter, which was later shared on social-media platform Reddit, the unnamed woman not specifies her preferred age and appearance in a romantic partner. But the part of her list which caused the most uproar, is that she also states she wants someone with good mental health, Chinchilla News reports.

“It’d be refreshing to get to know someone who doesn’t need to go out and get trashed with friends every weekend,” she wrote.

The young woman’s assertion that mental health issues are “unsexy” is what sparked widespread criticism online. One critic wrote, “Calling poor mental health unsexy is potentially the most vile commentary I’ve ever heard.”

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Another commented, “Wants a committed long-term relationship but also refuses to be part of a partner’s mental health. Yeah, this sounds like one toxic individual.”

But there wasn’t only criticism – others have come to the woman’s defence by arguing that there isn’t anything wrong with looking for good mental health in a partner, and that her demands aren’t unreasonable, Fraser Coast Chronicle reports.

“She’s just a human trying her best, trying something different,” one person commented.

Sources:  Metro UK, Chinchilla News, Fraser Coast Chronicle