Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left, swipe left… and so it continues. If you’ve ever tried Tinder, you’ve probably felt like you were skimming the bottom of a very shallow and muddy pool of eligibles.

Well your suspicions may have been confirmed. According to Huff Post Tech there’s a secret members-only area for the rich, famous and beautiful.

It’s called Tinder Select and by invite only.

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Who decides whether you’re cool or hot enough? Speculation says that it’s based on a users desirability setting - a Tinder algorithm – and that even if someone within the circle nominates you, you still need to be vetted by the app.

And how do you know if you’ve cracked the nod? Instead of the orange flame, you’ll see a blue S on the top of your screen.

But you can still toggle between the pond and infinity pool options if you measure things by celebrity.

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Apparently it’s been in play for about 6 months but Tinder has yet to confirm its existence.