An American relationship coach who specialises in getting exes back together earns thousands of rands each month by giving his clients a few simple pointers.

Lee Wilson, aka coach Lee, 38 from Nashville, Tennessee, has about 4 000 lovelorn clients a year, charging $87 (R1 218) for each half-hour session and $47 (R658) for an “emergency break-up kit”.

The kit includes a video and text guide to help with rekindling a broken romance, according to the Daily Mail.

Lee, who’s happily married to stay-at-home-mom Joanna, claims to help people by training them how to manipulate their exes into getting back together.

“The biggest and most common mistake people make when they’re trying to get back with their exes is to become desperate and grasping.

“They often beg and ask to be taken back, appealing to the other person’s mercy and immediately putting themselves in a position of weakness,” Lee told Metro.

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Lee, having been a relationship coach for 18 years, draws on his own experience from two painful break-ups in his late teens.

“That personal experience was hugely helpful for me in my later career because afterwards I realised the value of not trying too hard.

“Suddenly, at college, when I wasn’t actively looking to be in a relationship, I had all these girls asking me out.”

Since rebranding himself as the Ex Coach 12 years ago, he’s been taking up to 14 calls a day from people wanting to get back with their lost love.

He also has clients in the UK.

Here are a few of his tips to getting an ex back:

·       Don’t be overconfident in your abilities to talk them round. Talking rarely works. You need to appeal to their heart and not their head.

·       Don’t bombard your ex with messages as this can make you seem emotionally unstable and places control in the hands of the other person.

·       Don’t beg or show yourself to be desperate in any way.

·       Tell your ex that you respect their decision but don’t agree with it.

·       Keep your distance and let them notice you aren’t there. On the occasions that you do have contact, be sure to show them that you’re happy and could move on.

·       Drop inside jokes and references into conversation with your ex once you’re at the stage of speaking again. This will help remind them of the good times you had together before the break-up.

Lee helps an equal number of men and women and says it’s important to play it cool at all times.

“My advice for anyone is just not to rush things, not to force anything or lock someone down.”

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