Chrissy Teigen proves time and time again why she's one of the most relatable celebrities ever. Not only is she candid about her body insecurities, but she's also never been shy to show off her stretchmarks (in defiance of those insecurities and for busting beauty myths) and has been incredibly open about her struggle with postpartum depression.

In a new interview, Chrissy confesses to something that will make many people who have felt judged for their choices, rejoice. She revealed that on her first date with John, the two of them spent the entire day together when things took a more intimate turn. But rather than putting a halt to anything, she simply went with the flow.

There's a lot of stigma around having sex on the first date - particularly when it comes to women who choose to go all the way with their date.

While I myself wouldn't get intimate on the first date, I'm a big believer in people enjoying their dates on their own terms. If the chemistry, attraction and spark is flowing to the point where both of you are making an informed and consensual decision to take it to the next step, then that should be no one's business but your own.

Dating "rules" often dictate that women should curtail themselves and be more circumspect in their behaviour, but hardly no one ever says that to men.

Why are women constantly held to the standard of having to be "good girls?" What does being good mean? And who gets to decide what the benchmark is for when you should have sex with someone?

You, that's who. Not society's outdated concept of imposing the same old tired rules on everyone. 

People do dating differently. Some aggressively go after what they want the first time, others prefer to wait after a few dates, and others choose to be celibate until marriage.

And all those options are fine.

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