There's absolutely nothing wrong with surprising your partner with a sultry nude picture of yourself every now and then to keep the romance and desire alive in your relationship.

And I for one don't mind enticing my partner once in a while out of the blue, provided we've reached that level of commitment and trust.

But when you're using a dating app, this is certainly not the case.

Some of the men who use these dating apps (and even social media apps) tend to like taking chances or simply feeling downright entitled to certain things from women they barely know, and their audacity to ask for nudes is enough to result in a sneer from here to Timbuktu.

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According to The Sun, these women have however, found a more clever way to give these guys exactly what they deserve - nothing at all. That is, with these absolutely hilarious responses to the random requests for nudes they got, and I must admit I'm impressed.

Some of these are so funny, I'm even so tempted to use them should I receive an unprovoked request for nudes. 

Send "foods"

And that's exactly what this guy got when he asked this sassy woman for pictures of her lady bits. Sent in a strategic manner, were pictures of breasts, thighs and legs.

Except they weren't exactly her body parts, but that of a chicken.

He got "served".

 This bloke got exactly what he was looking for - thighs, breasts and legs

Let's get literal

This woman got extremely literal when she was asked for a picture of herself in her bra. Bet the bloke who had asked for it was definitely not expecting what he received, but he certainly deserved it. Don't you agree?

 One witty lady took the request very literally

Waste his time... but only because he deserves it

And boy was his time wasted.

This clever woman decided to waste this perv's time by sending a fake error message as a response to his request for her bra size.

The funniest part was that he kept trying. What a joke, darling. 

 This person repeatedly typed out an error message

I like my nudes served, but not like that

That's probably what this fella was thinking every time she missed the mark when he asked for nudes of her in the bathtub. She sent the pictures every time, except they just weren't what he wanted.

Poor perv. Not.

 We love how much this woman played a man at his own game

Snapchat me that hairy what?

This might've been the best response in the bunch, if you ask me.

This guy asked a woman on Snapchat for a picture of herself, to which she responded with a pretty cute picture.

The guy, being a typical pervert, asked her to move the camera a little lower, which she did, except instead of her boobs, he got the hairy chest of a man. Serves him right.

 This girl used a Snapchat filter to confuse the man she was talking to - who sounded like a real charmer

Well done to these ladies for introducing humour to a situation that can otherwise be described as distasteful.

Hopefully these men learn their lesson, and know better than to ask a stranger for nudes.

Which comeback did you think was best?

Share your favourite with us here.

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