Bad news for men – turns out many women prefer to spend Friday nights at home snuggling up to Rover on the couch rather than with their partner or pals!

This is according to a recent study carried out by pet food brand Just Right by Purina into the relationships between pet owners and their furry friends.

It found among other things that nearly all pet owners consider their dog part of the family. 

Of the more than 1 000 dog owners polled, half of the female owners said they preferred to spend time with their pooch over their partner or other family member.

About 62% said their dog helped them to destress after work, while 55% said their canine pal gives them emotional comfort after receiving bad news.

The survey also found dogs have helped 15% of men get the attention of the opposite sex. Of the Millennials (age 18-34) polled, 56% said they’d bought birthday cakes for their dogs while 77% said they feed their dogs before they feed themselves.

“Having dogs myself, I know first-hand that the emotional connection between dog owners and their pets runs deep,” says Julia Pitlyk, brand manager for Just Right by Purina.

“We conducted this survey to learn more about what exactly the owner-dog relationship looks like and while each relationship provides that deep connection, the results really support our belief that every dog is unique – some may be confidants while others are effective wingmen.”

Sources: Just Right by Purina,, Independent UK