Being in a relationship isn’t easy. Couples can easily lose interest in each other and what should be enjoyed between two people often starts to feel more like a chore than a relationship.

Why not start afresh with the New Year and spice up your relationship with some of these ideas.

Revisit you childhood

Revisit the places that you loved going to when while growing up. Whether it’s a park or zoo, sharing your memories with your partner will create a stronger and more intimate bond between you.

A Day of Treasure Hunting

Take a day off and visit antique stores and flea markets where you could find some valuable junk.

You can get some great deals on miscellaneous items that could serve as cute house decor or even find something that can serve as a project that the two of you can work at revamping.

Write him a love letter

There’s nothing like an old fashioned love letter to make you feel young again. Just like in high school, put effort and heart into writing it. Your man will appreciate the genuine handwritten expression of how you feel about him.

Play sexual games

When your partner comes over to visit, receive him in naked splendour or dressed up in sexy lingerie and heels.

You can spice things up by serving him dinner in nothing but an apron and see how long he can go without touching you.

Create a positive vibe

Change the way you think and view things in your relationship by being less critical. Look at the small things that he does right and tell him how much you appreciate it.

Let him know that not everything he does goes unnoticed. This will create a positive and appreciative interaction between the two of you.

Share your relationship resolutions with us and leave a comment in the box below.