You’re in love. You’re happy. Well, most of the time. Okay, some of the time. But you’ve started to doubt your relationship just a little bit. 

Or you’re watching your friend in an unhappy relationship, but they keep telling your that they love their partner and everything is fine, they just fight every now and then. But you can see the cracks.  

Here, we compile a list of articles to help you see that maybe that relationship or friendship actually isn’t as great as it seems and it might be time to move on:

4 ways to tell if your partner is a bully

“Your partner may not even realise that they are bullying you. Or you might be the bully in the relationship without even knowing it! Fact is, it’s very easy to slip into negative behavioural patterns, so it’s always a good idea to periodically stop and take stock of your conduct.”

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I didn't know it was toxic: 5 signs you should leave that relationship

“…I was in a toxic relationship with a man that had me convinced that everything I was unhappy with was my fault. His lying, his cheating, his deceit had become my fault. And I was in denial about it. All of it.

"I didn’t see that my relationship wasn’t working, but now I see what went wrong. So here are a few things I’ve learnt and I hope they can help you.”

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What is gaslighting? 8 signs your partner is trying to drive you crazy

“The term gaslighting comes from a 1944 film called Gaslight where a husband slowly manipulates his wife into thinking she is going insane.

"It can happen to anyone. No one is immune to abuse, especially at the hands of someone you love dearly. It starts slowly with a few comments every now and then until they’ve worn you down so much that it becomes your way of life.”

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5 signs you’re in a toxic friendship and why you should let go

“Breaking up with someone is never easy. You’ve invested your time and love into a relationship and seeing it fail is discouraging to say the least.”

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