What do you do with a gift you received from a cheating ex-partner? Do you throw it away? Keep it? Or do you sell it and make quick cash?

You might be steered to keep yours as a memento, but not this woman who goes by the username 'AM' on Gumtree. She decided to create an iconic ad selling the Pandora bracelet her ex-husband gifted her for $350 (about R 4 800). 

AM's post is both humorous and sad, and has since been shared widely. She goes into detail about the bracelet charms, while describing her ex-husband’s infidelity.

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The bracelet itself is nothing out of the ordinary - it’s simply marketed well by the scorned ex-wife, as she glorifies the finer details of the bracelet in a sarcastic, witty manner good enough to garner the attention it did online.

This is how the ad details the struggles AM faced in her marriage:


“I’m selling the Pandora bracelet that my ex-husband thoughtfully put together for me, while he lied to me throughout our marriage. It turns out that pretty trinkets don’t pay for betrayal,” she said in the description.

In further marketing the bracelet, the ad reads: “It has a safety chain with 14ct yellow gold hearts designed to keep the bracelet together better than our marriage."

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She then decided to break down the details of each charm, not holding back.


"My personal favourites are: limited edition teddy bear with 14ct yellow gold heart – much like the limited nature of his trustworthiness.” 

A hippo charm on the bracelet is also mentioned. “Not that this represented me,” she clarifies, further noting that the stress he caused helped her lose weight.

And then the charm ironically named “forever together” to which she says –“apparently not.” 

The gold arrow symbolises: “the pain in my heart when I found out about the lies. And then again, when I found out how long they’d been going for,” she writes.

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Among the many charms incorporated in the bracelet is one of a bride and groom dancing. “Not that we ever danced, he hated dancing but I loved it,” she explains.

In conclusion Gumtree user AM highlights that the pieces are all in good condition, “much like I am now after the divorce”.

And just like that she got a buyer for the bracelet. Someone please give this woman a crown.

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