One of the biggest moments in one's life has been said to the one when you are proposed to or your partner accepts your proposal.

But what happens when your big moment goes horribly wrong? 


On one hand, the one asking for their lover's hand in marriage has put their heart on the line and might get shot down at any moment. Then, on the other hand the 'proposee' now has the responsibility of their partner’s feelings to contend with, which is made even worse if it’s at a public place.

Unfortunately, many have been victims. This is a list of marriage proposals that did not go as planned:

Couple gets arrested after their public marriage proposal

According to The Guardian, a young Iranian couple got arrested after a video of their public marriage proposal went viral on social media platforms.

The publication reports that the police arrested the lovebirds for offending Islamic mores on public decency. They condemned the video of the proposal that has since garnered more than three million views on Twitter.

The officials accused the couple of adopting corrupt influences of western culture that threaten morals in their conservative society.

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Woman says no after saying yes 

A man recently opened up on Reddit about his disappointment after proposing to his girlfriend of three years.

Daily Mail reported that the man flew his girlfriend to southeast Asia to celebrate their three-year anniversary and took her to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which was on her bucket list.

At the end of the day, they went back to the hotel and he proposed. She said yes at first, but changed her mind after getting out of the shower.

Her reason for returning the ring?

She did not want to be proposed to in a hotel room. Yikes!

A woman accidentally sent a pic of her fiancé's private parts in an engagement announcement. 

According to MSN Lifestyle, an excited bride-to-be accidentally shared way too much when she sent a picture of her engagement ring to her friends and family.

She unknowingly captured a 'live photo' instead of a still picture. Her husband-to-be playfully shows up in the three second video exposing his manhood. 

A man accidentally drops a ring down a sewer grate

Last December we shared the story of a man who dropped an engagement ring down a drain while proposing to his girlfriend at Times Square. 

The tragic moment was captured on CCTV, leading police to retrieve the ring and search for the couple. The pair was finally reunited with the ring.

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Spider-Man game proposal goes sour

A spider-man fan asked Insomniac Games to have his marriage proposal put into a Marvel Spider-Man video game that was about to launch last year, reported the Polygon.

After much deliberation his wish was luckily granted.

The game released, and the words “Maddie, will you marry me?” appear in the game on a theater marquee.

But sadly, the couple broke up before the game’s release. The guy revealed that his girlfriend dumped him for his brother. Hectic!

Couple gets swept by a wave

Between the salty air, the golden sand and the ocean waves, beach proposals are super romantic... sometimes.

According to The Telegraph, a man carefully planned his proposal at the beach. He found the perfect spot and as he went down on one knee, a large ocean wave swept the girlfriend off her feet, literally. 

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