One in ten marriages in South Africa end in divorce before reaching the 10th wedding anniversary, according to Statistics South Africa. But divorce is still frowned upon.

However this woman flipped the script and banished all shame around her divorce by publicly celebrating her new status as a single woman. 

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47-year-old Marie Lollis recently celebrated her divorce with a cheeky photoshoot and by the look of things, she wasn’t holding on to any warm, fuzzy feeling about her ex husband, reports Yahoo Lifestyle

The divorce photoshoot included a wedding photo-burning session, a wine glass inscribed with “finally divorced, boy bye”, black knee-high boots and a pair of heels with one inscribed with, “established 2006” and the other, “done 2019.”

In one frame, she is seen stamping her framed wedding photo with her pink stilettos, and in another snap, she holds up her divorce papers and a sign telling her ex-husband: “I would wish you the best but… you already had it!”

Speaking to Daily Mail she explains that her ex husband was a good man who changed for the worst when he started abusing drugs; revealing that he has been going in and out of prison on charges of larceny. 

Marie’s pictures have already garnered more than 12 000 retweets and 65 000 likes on Twitter, with numerous women sharing how inspired they feel by her courage to leave the toxic marriage.

"This is the best thing I've ever seen on the internet, kinda gives me courage to walk away," admitted one woman. 

The newly divorced revealed that the purpose of the shoot was to celebrate closing a chapter in her life, to encourage others and show them, “that strong women can be empowered to move on- and it’s okay to be happy again,” she said.

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Other ladies joined the Twitter party, sharing stories of how they celebrated their own divorces.

“I had my wedding band melted down to make a nail. My 2nd wedding photo hangs from it,” tweeted one.

Another woman admitted that she sold her wedding ring and used the money to have a dead tree removed from her house, “ah the symbolism…,” she wrote.

While another revealed that she went on vacation, writing: “I used my wedding ring to pay for my filing fees and a vacation for me and my girls.” 

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Marie's photographer who also happens to be her sister-in-law took to Facebook to share her thoughts on the divorce photoshoot. 

She started the post by encouraging women to become their own best friends, "Marie did just that in her blazing hot photoshoot as she celebrates her divorce. She thought she missed him but she realised she missed her more," she wrote. 

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