Jessica Share, from Ohio in the US, gave birth to a daughter, Alice, in 2005. The mom-of-two and her wife at the time had chosen the sperm-donor profile of an anonymous man when they decided to get pregnant, ABC News reports.

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“You do treat it like a dating profile and you build this story in your head of the values that you have and what kind of person might not just share our values, because I don’t think those are genetic, but being drawn to the same kinds of things that we’re drawn to,” Jessica said in a January 2018 interview with ABC News.

A few years later Jessica and her wife split up. Around that time Alice started exploring the DNA testing site 23 and Me, Fox13 reports.

Alice, who’s now 13, then connected with her biological father, Aaron Long. Soon he began speaking to Jessica and the two decided to meet up.

“When we met in person. I don’t know, the attraction (was) even harder for either of us to deny,” Jessica said.

In 2017 she and Alice moved in with Aaron who lives with his two kids and his mother.

“I know that I’m attracted to Aaron for all the reasons that seemed wonderful when shopping for him in a sperm donor catalogue years ago,” Jessica wrote in a 2018 essay for the BBC.

“He’s thoughtful, persistent and academically-minded. He’s enchanted by words. He’s empathetic and versed in stories about people and the strange things they sometimes do.

“He doesn’t much care what’s expected of him. He often plays his own music. To his own drum. Sometimes in a turban.”

Sources: ABC News, Fox13, BBC