It all started when Twitter user @TinahN posted a screenshot of a conversation between herself and a married man, who seems to be pursuing the young woman. The message from the man to the woman reads "I'm fully married" another message reads "I like something about you hence I want to offramp and see some stuff [...]".

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Here is the tweet:

Her tweet sparked an onslaught of women coming forth with screenshots of conversations they were having with married men who were making advances. And the nonchalant texts the men were sending are completely shocking.

In this tweet a man responds that he is married "legally so" after being questioned by the woman he was trying to make an advance on. 

This one shows a man responding to the statement you have a wife with a simple "so?" portraying his complete disregard for his wife and family.

In this tweet the man claims to have forgotten that he had a wife after the woman he was texting reminds him.

The thread continues with more women exposing men who are meant to be in happy, faithful relationships with their partners, yet are chasing other young women and making inappropriate advances towards them.

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The whole phenomenon is quite disheartening and definitely contributes to existing negative feelings towards the institution of marriage. A lot of young women who had read the tweets shared the following sentiments:

While another asked herself whether she really needed to get married after she read the shameful thread.

If this is what marriage has succumbed to then its future looks terribly bleak for our generation.

Do you agree? Do you think marriage is something that we can no longer look forward to because it isn't sacred anymore? Tell us here.

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