Living in the era where almost nothing can be done without technology, it’s better to jump onto the virtual band-wagon than get left behind like spam.

If you are in a long distance relationship, you would know how difficult it is to maintain the love and passion miles away from your lover. Luckily, software such as Skype exists to titillate the senses through the waves of digitalisation.

Sure, it might feel weird and awkward to lose your Skype-virginity, but, as everything else worth pursuing, it will take some time to become part of your skin.

First make sure that you are comfortable with the idea before taking the leap.

It’s okay if you not the type of girl that would rip her clothes off in front of a computer screen, we are all wired differently. I will admit, it takes some amount of metaphorical balls to actually go through with this, but it’s admirable to at least try.

Here is how:

Don’t be insecure
There is no worse mood spoiler than the ‘Do you think I’m fat?’ question. Try not to be indecisive by voicing your doubt with a ‘Oh, I don’t know what to do’ statement.

Come on ladies, a lack of self-confidence will make him feel self-conscious too. Rather say nothing and begin to speak with your body. Lean in near to the camera and flaunt that cleavage.

But take visual and auditory cues from your partner. If he’s rolling on the floor laughing, maybe this won’t be your thing.


The rules of Skype sex is the same as actual sex. If foreplay gets your motor running, indulge in some dirty talk and sensual feather light touches. Creating an arousing build-up is important not only for you but for your partner as well. Keep in mind that you are having intercourse through vision, much like tantric sex.

Tip: don’t make it seem like it’s a chore to take off your clothes.

Be creative

Although virtual nookie is not as satisfying as the real thing, don’t let this limit you. Improvise and use toys, bring your vibrator along for playtime and supply your partner with a steamy show. Try different angles and keep the lines of communication open, aim to be at the same pace and rhythm.

If you are into S&M, let your dominatrix dictate to you what you should do to yourself.  This way, you will preserve your actual bedroom preferences.

Role play

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore mutual fantasies like dressing up as a naughty school girl. This will force your partner to imagine what lies beneath the outfit and that will be your cue to be very suggestive. After some teasing, reveal your outfit and watch him drool.

Pick up where you digitally left off

Plant a seed of sexual anticipation into his mind that will make his homecoming a lot more pleasurable. Let him know that something else is also awaiting his arrival. Then, surprise him with a sex toy that will benefit both of you.

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